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Nissan march autogear

xXx Pics Nissan march autogear.

Until Nissan began selling badge engineered superminis from other Japanese manufacturers the March was Nissan's smallest vehicle, Nissan march autogear was not renamed and sold at other Japanese Nissan dealership networks. It was intended to replace the Nissan Cherry as the company's competitor in the supermini sector, as the Cherry model sold in Europe had progressively become larger with each successive generation.

In Japan, it was exclusive to Nissan Cherry store locations, as the Japanese market Cherry was renamed March, benefiting from engineering contributions from Nissan's acquisition of the Prince Motor Companywho originally developed the outgoing Cherry.

The Nissan march autogear had particularly low fuel consumption made possible by a specially developed engine only used in the Micra, an uncommonly high gearing, and a particularly low weight: The bodystyle was originally designed for Fiat as a replacement for the Fiatbut Fiat then adopted the Giugiaro styled Uno instead.

The Datsun badges had disappeared completely by the end of Both the automatic and five-speed manual gearboxes were unusual in a supermini at this time.

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It was one of several important small cars to be launched onto the European market during Also launched that year were the Fiat UnoPeugeotVauxhall Nova a Britain-only model which had been launched across Europe the previous year as the Opel Corsa and the second generation of the Ford Fiesta. It sold Nissan march autogear in Britain, being launched there in June and peaking at more than 50, sales for the year inand was one of the most popular imported cars of its era.

The model was revised in Juneidentifiable by the slightly larger rear lamp clusters. This version was never sold in Europe, where the only engines ever available were the 1.

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Another facelift came in Marchwhich consisted of some minor upgrades such as deeper bumpers, a new front grille, minor interior details, and headlight changes. This was also when the five-door hatchback version was introduced in Europe.

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The Micra's chassis spawned a number of variations. The Be-1 BK10launched at the Tokyo Motor Show in but not sold untilwas a limited edition model with a more rounded bodyshape, and only 10, were sold. Because demand for the Figaro exceeded the 20, vehicles built, Nissan sold the car by lottery: Despite being a JDM-only model, the Figaro is one of the most imported models of the K10 derivatives; its popularity among numerous celebrity owners helped it earn cult status. The Nissan march autogear ceased production on 21 Decemberalthough its replacement had gone into production some months earlier.

During its lifetime, the Micra gained a good reputation for reliability and Nissan march autogear. Init topped the small car class in a reliability survey of four to six-year-old cars undertaken by the German Automobile Association ADACwith 7. In the longer term, the Micra would also go on to achieve a much higher survival rate than many of its competitors.

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The Sentra Classics were built in Mexico. The European market Super S trim became available along with the second facelift in Sporty Super S included a factory bodykit, racing seats and a tachometer and was only available in black, gray, white and red.

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Despite its appearance it had the same MA12 engine as the standard K10 Micra, although catalytic converters were a non-deletable feature on the car Nissan march autogear them slightly less powerful than the non-cat cars.

This car came with either a 3-speed automatic or 5-speed manual gearbox with viscous limited slip differential, as well as options such as air conditioning and electric mirrors.

The Micra Super Turbo still holds the crown for the fastest production Micra in Nissan's history, with factory performance figures of 7.

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