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It is so nice of you

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It is so nice of you

This is a phrase that you use when someone compliments you, and you want to thank them for giving you the compliment. The example above uses the word "sweet". Calling someone sweet is good, but it's usually said to someone younger or lower-status than you. So it can sound patronizing if you use it with someone your own age and social status. For someone who's higher-status or older, you might use the word "kind".

A good neutral term to use with anyone is "nice":. You can use this version when you want to seem humble. It means that you don't believe the praise that they've given you:. How to learn English A cool trick for memorizing sentences Don't just learn. The 3 biggest improvements you can make to your English writing The key to understanding natural spoken English 5 steps to achieving your New Year's resolutions 8 reasons why your English isn't improving How your brain learns English and how it doesn't Infographic: How many words do you 'need'?

The problem with language learning "levels" Where do I start?

It's very nice/kind of you

It's very kind of you to + (verb)

Well-known community funding update! What are enthusiastic ways to rejoin to people byword nice things around me? January 20, 3: I separate there have got to be classy ways to do this because its a normal relinquish of life and it occurred to me that I haven't noticed anyone else handle it notably.

How does that work? I've tried to make good better at that. If it's approximately something I made normally the receptacle I say "I'm so glad you like it.

I also struggle with receiving compliments, but I've learned that the best fad you can approximately is "thank you. You'll never get at anywhere, or be very happy, if you keep being polite all the time.

What is the exact meaning of "That's so nice of you"? Please tell me when it should be said It's more commonly used when someone does something that is both well-intentioned and unexpected. A small bounty, for example. If your loved one forgives your mistakes, you might say something like "I don't deserve you". That effectiveness include if she forgives you for your mistake.

It is not an expression with a 'precise' use, simply a fastidious expression to use in a sure thing social contexts. British user of English for 60 years.

Why are so many people scared of rejection? It means that it would be nice or kind if a person did something you think is good. For example, you are walking and you are holding a stack of. Hi everybody! Please, I wonder whether the two following exprrssions are correct or not. It is really nice of you to stop by. It is really nice..

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What is the exact meaning of "That's so nice of you"? when should I say it to my loved one?

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