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How to get back a libra man

All porn pics How to get back a libra man.

Libra men are hopeless romantics. It is because their ruling planet is Venus; the planet of love. When a Libra man falls in love, they fall hard and they are fiercely loyal. However, the flip side to this, is that once a relationship is over, a Libra man will rarely consider giving it another go.

They aren't the type of guy to get caught up in on-again-off-again romances. Don't expect to cast a Libra man aside and come back for them later. Libras view breakups with a strong sense of finality. Still, sometimes mistakes are made and words are said in anger. This is especially true if you're one of Libra's most compatible signs; the fiery and temperamental Leo.

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If you and your Libra man have broken up, you may find yourself How to get back a libra man that a mistake has been made. Libras do have many wonderful traits to be missed. They are charming, intelligent, empathetic, and always striving to create unity and harmony amongst friends and family. If you keep your Libra's personality and preferences in mind, you'll have much better luck in convincing him to give your courtship another try.

Start by telling the truth Libra men highly value justice and truth. If you're trying to reignite an old Libra flame, he is probably already feeling very hesitant towards the prospect. While Libra men love romance, it can be difficult to regain their trust, once they've been hurt.

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Being honest about why mistakes were made will appeal to his sense of justice, and make it more likely that he will hear you out. Tell him your side of the story, but be receptive to hearing his side as well The constellation of Libra is the balancing scales, because what Libras value most is fairness, equality, and balance. If things already went south with your Libra man, there's a good chance that the balance of your dynamic somehow got thrown out of whack.

As you set out to negotiate a second chance, remember this balance. Trying to talk over a Libra who is already skeptical is likely to cement the relationship as over in his mind.

Listen to what he has to say. You know that your egalitarian Libra is going to extend the same courtesy to you. Don't argue or become emotional Being truthful, open, and direct, doesn't mean that you have to lose your temper or start shedding tears. Libra men prefer peace and harmony.

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They don't like to fight, and they can become uncomfortable with large displays of emotions, especially if you are trying to lay the blame on them for your negative feelings. Say what you need to say, and tell him the course of action that you'd prefer, but speak in a low, calm tone of voice, and if you do feel that you're about to become upset, step away for a moment, until you can regain control of your emotions.

A calm and non-confrontational setting is one in which a Libra man is most likely to be comfortable and happy. Take them out for a nice meal Rekindling an old flame with a Libra is best done over a delicious meal and a few glasses of wine.

Libras love fine dining and a bottle from a quality vineyard. You might try bringing your Libra out to an expensive French or Italian place, depending on his preferences. Of course, in such a venue, you'll need to be well-dressed and adhere to all of the social norms and customs of an upscale How to get back a libra man. Libras are easily embarrassed by bad manners, and in a fancy restaurant, they'll be all the more easily humiliated by an offhand faux pas.

But putting in the extra effort to use good manners and conduct yourself in an elegant way, is sure to go far in earning his forgiveness.

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Make him a mix tape This is a classic romantic gesture, and Libra men adore romance. There is also the fact that Libras are quite musically-inclined. This is a way to appeal to one of his greatest joys, and you can also show him that you do pay attention to his passions, as you put together a collection of his favorite songs and artists.

Strike up a flirtation, or show some affection Libra men are very warm and caring.

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