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What do marijuana plants look like

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How to Get to Harvest in 10 Steps. Choose Your Place to Grow. Choose Your Growing Medium. Where to Get Cannabis Plants. Vegetative Stage — Only Stems and Leaves. Flowering Stage — Buds Start Growing! Cannabis legalization is spreading like wildfire across the US, Canada and in many other countries around the world. Many people are finally allowed to legally grow their own supply of cannabis!

A lot of people unintentionally make growing harder than it needs to be, but that ends now! This cannabis growing guide will help you discover the best way to grow cannabis, for your unique situation. Growing cannabis plants is actually pretty straightforward, and almost anyone with a few What do marijuana plants look like minutes a day and a spare closet or a garden in the backyard can grow their own professional-quality buds at home.

What does a cannabis plant need to thrive? When growing cannabis indoors or outdoors, you will need to ensure that it gets the proper amount of these 6 resources. If you planted a cannabis seed today, when is the soonest you could be actually smoking your harvest?

Indoor grows tend to be shorter than outdoor grows since you have more control over when the plant starts budding. Auto-flowering grows also tend to be very short. But with shorter grows, you also tend to get smaller yields. Certain strains What do marijuana plants look like certain outdoor grows can take up to 7 months or more.

Learn more about how long it takes to grow cannabis. Growing indoors is much more private than growing outdoors and gives you more control over your grow. An indoor cannabis grow can be surprisingly cheap to get started and maintain, especially if you plan on growing just a few plants.

Take a look at a few completed indoor grow journals to get an idea of how much you can expect to harvest in different types of indoor setups. You have more control over everything in an indoor growing environment, which means that indoor growers can consistently produce dank buds.

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However, this dank weed-growing power comes with more responsibility. When thinking about where to grow indoors, you should also consider the temperature of your grow space and remember your temps will likely rise once you have your grow lights running!

When growing indoors, your grow lights will give off heat. Generally, the more powerful your lights, the more heat they give off.

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If you want to install a lot of bright lights in a small space, you will likely have to install an air conditioner in addition to your exhaust system to make sure you keep your temps in the right range. The sun will do a lot of the most cost-heavy work for you.

And just like humans, cannabis plants can die if exposed to freezing temps.

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Learn more about the difference between growing cannabis indoors vs outdoors. There are lots of different grow lights for cannabis, including:. In fact, growing with CFLs is what I did my first grow. Although LED lights are common as replacements for CFLs as regular house lighting, these LEDs usually come with shielding that makes them much less effective for growing cannabis.

Learn What do marijuana plants look like about growing with CFLs. These lights are traditionally made for plants that need lower light intensity than cannabis.

If you do get other fluorescent lighting, I recommend sticking with a High-Output T5 light since the high-output T5 bulbs are the brightest grow lamps in this group.

Even so, I generally recommend changing to stronger grow lights for the cannabis flowering stage unless you do major plant training to keep plants very short since these lights have a short light brightness range and must be kept very close to the tops of your plants.

Learn more about other fluorescent lighting. LEDs are more powerful than CFLs and other types of fluorescent lighting, but they are also much more expensive. In fact, currently, LEDs are probably the most expensive type of grow light you can buy.

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LED grow lights can work great for growing cannabis and some companies have been at it for years. But there are also some unscrupulous LED sellers out there trying to make a quick buck, so you need to make sure you buy LEDs from a company that you can trust. Each LED model is different and needs to be kept a different distance away from your plants.

However, there are some brands which are well-tested and trusted by cannabis growers and these brands tend to have good support for questions. These types of light have come back into vogue after some rebranding, combined with a few positive traits they have over HPS lighting.

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They are surprisingly cheap to buy and set up, especially considering how incredibly powerful they are. HID lights work very well for growing cannabis and produce consistently good results indoors. See a grow we did with 2 plants under a W HID grow light. Learn more about HID grow lights. Get a detailed breakdown of all the different types of cannabis grow lights. What type of pot should I use for soil or soilless growing mediums?

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Read our bubbleponics tutorial to see how GrowWeedEasy. Learn more about different grow types here. Some nutrients are even more specific like Canna Coco is formulated to work best for growing weed in Coco Coir.

Looking What do marijuana plants look like a suggestion? Dyna-Gro can be used at half-strength in soil, water, coco coir, or any growing medium and works amazingly well for growing cannabis. It does not build up salt in your growing medium like many other inexpensive fertilizers, and it will never clog your hydroponic system.

You can actually follow the instructions on the bottle. Like all nutrient systems, avoid starting at full strength or it can burn your plants! Learn more about nutrient burn. Only raise the dosage if you notice that your lower leaves are turning yellow and falling off except in the last weeks before harvest, when yellowing lower leaves is a natural part of the budding process.

Learn more about cannabis-friendly nutrient systems. Generally, as long as your water has less than PPM parts per millions of extra stuff, it should be okay to use it for growing.

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