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Online dating asking for more pictures

Good Video 18+ Online dating asking for more pictures.

Is it just me or do all women hate when men ask for pics? It really annoys me and turns me off when a guy I just started talking to asks me for pics.

Is this good or bad? You are not alone. When I was doing the online thing that was my major pet peeve. If you want to date men, you have to be willing to show them what you look like, or date women, and even women care what you look like.

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While I understand men are visual, once I know them for some time they can have a few but, not right off the bat. Its a strange one.

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I came away from the online dating as it was too exhausting for me. Hi ladies, I think if you have enough photos on a profile for a man to judge whether to initiate anything then it is creepy, otherwise I think it is valid. I absolutely hate it.

Are you on the verge of overweight? This is because women often misrepresent what they look like.

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Six should be just fine especially if you have some full body ones. When they like your pics they want more and more.

And they are never satisfied. Some men are like that.

There are horror stories about that. Sure, but they can wait until they meet me. I hate that they are so visual.

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I hate it too. Ruins their chances with me completely. Looking forward to chatting, but can I see some pics in the meantime?

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I hated that too! There was a time, when I only had one profile pic, and I realized, only one pic can be enough for men to approach me, no matter what. Jeez, when I had like 6 photos, there were creepy guys who would saw my pics many times a day without writing me….

So, can you guys tell...

I sent only, when a guy sent me back or sent me first,then I responded back. Any time a guy asked me to send him pics my assumption was that he was hoping I would send something racy. Argh, this happens to me all the time.

Some actually ask for more pictures even after first date so…. Problem is, this online and text crappola has become their substitute for meeting and dating.

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