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Cadbury crunchie cake

Adult Videos Cadbury crunchie cake.

What do you do with 15kg of chocolate? This way chomping down copious amount of chocolate is justified.

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The scenario above is not made up. Yes, Alex and I were once the owners of 15kg of rejected Cadbury chocolate. You cant ask me to choose, get them all! Of course we could not waste the chocolate so we decided to get creative and combine our favourite bar, the crunchie bar, into a delicious cake.

Ok I admit now that I could have chosen a favourite flavour and ended up with only 5kg of chocolate. The Cadbury crunchie cake of the cake was to combine the flavours of honeycomb and chocolate. And let me tell you it was delicious. I used this chocolate cake recipe from one of our favourite blogs, raspberri cupcakes.

The cake itself was made with cake flour Cadbury crunchie cake cocoa so it has a light fluffy texture without being too rich.

This meant that the icings did not make the cake too overly sweet.