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The reasoning behind this is that these guns bore special frames that were manufactured for use with oversized barrels inthe very year dime-novelist E. Lake said Masterson and Tilghman found the inch barrels unwieldy and had them cut down to standard length. Lake also claimed Earp carried the oversized pistol into the ring when he refereed the Sharky-Fitzsimmons fight in San Francisco in While he lived, Stuart Lake was the recognized authority on Wyatt Earp. The naysayers points were stunning: Contemporary newspaper drawings indicate Wyatt Earp carried a standard-size Colt New Army double-action revolver into the prize fight ring.

After the so-called O. History is a fickle mistress. Just when we feel we understand her, she spins around and surprises us. The provenance on the American is disturbingly muddled.

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However, this same hobbyist-collector also signed an affidavit to the effect that he purchased the gun from someone in Los Angeles but cannot remember who. Such dubious confusion seriously subverts credibility.

The gun is useless as a weapon now, obsolete, but I would very much want it for a keepsake of Wyatt Earp … just before Wyatt earp buntline special for sale death, Wyatt Earp wrote to him [Hoxie] asking if he could buy back the gun as he wished to give it to me as a keepsake.

He [Earp] had no reply …. Indeed, in a letter to Lake dated Sept.

Lake describes the gun he is looking for. Hoxie may have left this gun kicking around Nome. I wonder if someone can locate it for me. Is there any particular record of these in your factory? Have you any pictures made of them? Thus a failure to validate a Buntline visit is less damning than critics might assert. On April 2,Arthur L. Therefore, we have been unable to obtain any trace of them.

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Undaunted, Lake continued in his search. Clearly, Stuart Lake believed the guns existed.

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This is significant because Colt first displayed its Revolver-Carbine at this Exposition. A buntline is, in fact, a nautical rope used in hauling up square sails. Ned Buntline never mentioned Dodge city or any of its lawmen in any of his yarns. So why would he bestow gifts on this select group? The answer is, I believe, clearly indicated in the notes Lake complied for his book.

These notes reveal a problem Lake had with Wyatt Earp as a source.

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It really happened on July 26, More importantly, in these notes Lake mistakenly dates the murder of Dodge City actress Dora Hand as when it in fact happened in The Hand shooting is important because an illustrious posse galloped out of Dodge in pursuit of the suspected killer.

Newspapers across the country told of the chase. I strongly suspect Ned Buntline gave his five pistols to honor these possemen who finally got their man.

Western historians disagree over whether...

Corral shooting, a hearing was held to determine if the Earp party should stand trial for murder. Bauer was specifically asked to describe the gun Earp used. The description here matches the description by Bauer. This match is not approximate, it is exact.

Why Lake changed the dimensions of the gun for his book is not clear. Leslie was a barman at Oriental Saloon in Tombstone where Wyatt had a percentage of the gambling concession.

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While a inch-barreled Colt is cumbersome, one with a inch barrel is remarkably comfortable to carry and shoot. Wyatt earp buntline special for sale on May 12, Hart was a gun dealer in Tombstone when Wyatt Earp was gaining his renown. Some 4, were turned out, the last in It is surprising that until now no one has attempted to reproduce the unique features the Revolver-Carbine sported.

Credit is due U. GA, 25 Van Dyke Ave. Just like the pistols ofthese models have flattop frames with a milled grove for a long-range, flip-up rear leaf sight.

In front of the sight is a vent-hole designed to reduce any lead powder gas spraying from the side of the cylinder when the revolver is fired.

Call the same gun by...

Since surviving original barrels vary between 16, 12, and 10 inches, U. As for the front sight, the historic S. Hart gun served as a model with its rifle-style wedge sight. The original pistols could be transformed into a long-range shooter by hooking a skeleton shoulder stock under an oversized hammer screw.

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Because federal law now prohibits the use of shoulder stocks with guns having less than inch barrels, U. Fire Arms will not be offering the special screws and stocks with its and inch models.

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One caveat is in order: While a top vent-hole was designed to lessen the spraying of lead fragments, powder and hot gases from the cylinder side, it is less than perfect in meeting this goal. At no time when shooting should either hand be positioned in front of the cylinder in support of the barrel - as one customarily holds a rifle.

In such a stance, the supporting arm stands in danger of being painfully peppered. In viewing and holding the new U. Period blueing and especially rich color case-hardened frames bring a legendary era back to life.

The luster history has lent these pieces is conveyed in a fully satisfying way. Also, as of this writing, Cimarron Fire Arms Co. Original City Charter of Tombstone. Excerpts from The Resources of Arizona.

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