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Susannah Bright, also known as Susie Sexpert born March 25,is an American feminist, author, journalist, critic, editor, publisher, producer, and performer, often on the subject of sexual politics and sexuality. As a teenager in the s, Susie Bright was active in various left-wing progressive causes, in particular the feminist and anti-war movements.

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She was a member of the high school underground newspaper, The Red Tideand served as Plaintiff suing the Los Angeles Board of Education for the right of minors to distribute their own publications without prior censorship or approval. Judgement in favor of Plaintiff.

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She was also one of the founding members of Teamsters for a Democratic Unionand wrote under the pseudonym Sue Daniels. She has said, "I was motivated, always, from the sting of social injustice.

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The cry of 'That isn't fair! Bright was one of the first staff members of Good Vibrationsa pioneering feminist vibrator store, working and managing the store from to She trained with San Francisco Sex Information in Bright wrote Good Vibrations' first mail order catalog, the first sex toy catalog written from a women's point of a view to a female audience.

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She founded the Good Vibrations Erotic Video Library, the first feminist curation of erotic films available at the time. Susie Bright co-founded and edited the first women-produced sex-magazine, On Our Backs"entertainment for the adventurous lesbian ," from to She collected these columns and expanded them to publish her first book, Susie Sexpert's Lesbian Sex World in She published a portfolio of lesbian erotic photography, Nothing but the Girlco-edited with Jill Posener with 30 interviews and photographs from Santa cruz sluts around the world.

Bright founded the first women's erotica book-series, Heroticaand edited the first three volumes. She started The Best American Erotica series inwhich she publishes to this day.

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From to she was a columnist for San Francisco Review of Books. Known as the " Pauline Kael of Porn," [15] she wrote feminist reviews of erotic films for Penthouse Forum from — Her film-reviews of mainstream movies are widely published, and her comments on gay film history are featured in the documentary film The Celluloid Closet.

She worked as a screenwriter and film consultant on several films: The donation included papers and documents from her early activist days in "The Red Tide," Teamsters for a Democratic Union, and International Socialists, her early stage and film work, a complete archive of Santa cruz sluts Our Backs" magazine and Fatale Videos, her reviews and research as a critic for "Penthouse Forum," and the X-Rated Critics Association, all of her nonfiction manuscripts and anthology research for "Best American Erotica," costumes, VHS tapes, books, writings— as well as many Santa cruz sluts artist files from the early lesbian feminist and erotic literary fiction publishing era.


The donation culminated with the year-long exhibit "Speaking of Sex" [19] where Bright's donations were displayed along with a wide array of the Human Sexuality Collection's historical documents and materials. As part of the exhibit's grand opening, Bright gave the lecture "The Sexual State of the Union," analyzing current sexual Santa cruz sluts in America, and reprised her show "How to Read a Dirty Movie. Susie Bright has been an editor-at-large and executive producer at Audible Inc.

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She was nominated for an Audie Award, as executive producer in Interviews, book and movie reviews are common, as are letters from listeners. And sinceshe has lived with her partner Jon Bailiff.

She has written extensively about her sexuality and family relationships in her memoirs, creative nonfiction, and blog, Susie Bright's Journal, including topics of bisexuality, non-monogamy, lesbian life, homeschooling, and extended families and lovers.

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