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Kristen gets up from the couch and I grab for the remote, hitting pause on the second porn flick we turned on tonight. She was wet, and moaned a little, making a little mewl of protest when I slipped them out.

I wasn't really listening to...

My fingers came away with just a little blood and Nasty lesbian licking erotic stories wiped them on her leg. She leaned in closer. Now, I watch her ass in tiny blue shorts as she strides across the kitchen, and I rise and follow a few steps behind, waiting until she closes the door and I hear her lift the toilet lid to open the door.

She has been asking for more water sports.

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And she is very dirty. Come on, dirty girl. I hear it hit the water in the toilet before I feel it on my fingers, and I move my hand a little to touch the flow of piss. I feel it on my fingers and bring them closer to the lips Nasty lesbian licking erotic stories her pussy as she lets it go in a steady stream. She laughs and bends her neck to touch her forehead against my chest.

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