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F orget BlackBerrys or wedges: The gap has narrowed since but in girls are still more likely to smoke than boys. There has long been a synergy between the changing self-image of girls and the wiles of the tobacco industry.

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Smoking was described by one team of researchers as a way in which some adolescent girls express their resistance to the "good girl" feminine identity. Inwhen Kate Moss creates controversy by puffing away on the Louis Vuitton catwalk and Lady Gaga breaks the law by lighting up on stage, cigarettes have clearly lost none of Sexy smoking teens com transgressive appeal.

What's different today is the "dark marketing" techniques used by the tobacco industry since the demise of "above-the-line" advertising in These appeal to girls' fears and fantasies, through subliminal online and real-world sponsorship.

Tobacco manufacturers, for instance, have been accused of flooding YouTube with videos of sexy smoking teenage girls, while in a pioneering partnership with British American Tobacco, London's Ministry of Sound nightclub agreed in to promote Lucky Strike Sexy smoking teens com. Most pernicious because they are the most covert, though, are the underground discos organised by Marlboro Mxtronic and Urban Wave, the marketing wing of Camel.

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Beneath the Camel logo, Urban Wave dance parties — stretching from Mexico to the Ukraine — hand out free cigarettes, and are themselves free: Adolescent girls seem particularly susceptible to the blandishments of the tobacco industry.

Susie, 15, began smoking two years ago.

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You think, 'Ooh, I'm more cool, ooh I'm smoking I feel grownup and in with the crowd. Becca, 21, became a regular smoker at Janne Scheffels, a Norwegian Sexy smoking teens com, argued recently that teenage girl smokers view it as a kind of "prop" in a performance of adulthood, a way of crossing the boundary between childhood and adolescence, and moving away from parents' authority.

Teenage smokers, the theory Sexy smoking teens com to go, suffer from a lack of self-esteem the so-called deficit model. The reality is more complex. A succession of studies have found that smoking positions you in a group of "top girls" — high-status, popular, fun-loving, rebellious, confident, cool party-goers who project self-esteem not, of course, the same as actually having it.

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Non-smokers are mostly seen as more sensible and less risk-taking. Smokingsays Vanessa, is also bonding. You start conversations with strangers when you ask for a light — an attractive social lubricant for awkward teenagers. But the hub of teen smoking is break-time: You become less close to people who don't go out.

Some smoke for emotional reasons: Twice as many teenage girls suffer from "teen angst" as boys, according to a report from the thinktank Demos last month. According to Amanda Amos, professor of health promotion at the University of Edinburgh, there's also a social class dimension: Then why aren't boys equally affected?

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This is where it gets particularly dispiriting. Girls want to be thin more than fit: One in four said that smoking made them feel less hungry and that they smoked "instead of eating".

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Already in the s the president of American Tobacco realised he could interest women in cigarettes by selling them as a fat-free way to satisfy hunger. Between andaccording to internal documents from the tobacco industry released during litigation in the US, Philip Morris and British American Tobacco added appetite suppressants to cigarettes.

The industry has continued to exploit girls' and women's anxieties about weight. Since advertising was banned, says Amos, packaging is one of the few ways that tobacco companies can communicate with women.

Young women looking at cigarette packs branded "slim" are more likely to believe that the contents can help make them slim.

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