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Determining heart rate by rhthym strip

Naked Gallery Determining heart rate by rhthym strip.

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Our rhythm strips guide provides information on essential dysrhythmia categories: For each heart rhythm category we provide one or more ECG tracings. A synopsis of the heart rhythm dysrhythmia is provided and electronic calipers can be used to study each tracing.

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A basic EKG course is available using the link below. Essential ECG features are explained along with step-by-step analysis techniques. This includes rhythm evaluation, determining heart rate and assessing multiple components of the EKG waveform.

Heart rhythm strip exercises provide interactive learning reinforcement. Users are challenged to identify each type of arrhythmia based upon the heart rhythm strip.

After each answer, immediate feedback and coaching is available. Toggle Menu Practical Clinical Skills.

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Heart Rhythms - Heart Rhythm Strips. Overview Evaluation of a patient's heart rhythm using an EKG may indicate normal or abnormal conditions.

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